about us

Dr. Pepper and Haretuerk from the Team Kanonenfutter are the creators of Nogova Crimes. In 2005 they started to collect ideas for a new crime und RPG mission. The idea was to advance known MP missions like "Find the serial Killer" (by City Cobra and many others), Nogville, CrimeCity, Psycho Slayer and some others. One idea was to create not only two teams struggeling for the victory (Cops against gangsters), but to create two gangster groups (mafia and bikers) and the police trying to earn as much money as possible.

Now it's 2010 and Nogova Crimes is fully playable, but still under development. New feature will be added from time to time to enjoy the brave Operation Flashpoint community


We would like to thank all the addon makers for the great addons we are using in Nogova Crimes and the KF Pack. Thanks for sharing this stuff with us and the community! Thanks to all those script makers from whom we could learn a lot after we were scripting newbies while starting with Nogova Crimes. And thanks to all those tutorial writers and news sites in the net for help and informations.

We would like to thank Bohemia Interactive for the greatest game ever: Operation Flashpoint. Thanks for so many hours of joy.

Thanks to all the players and beta-testers who play Nogova Crimes and help us developing it further.